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Dubrovnik - help!

We've got 2 nights, so a day and a half at the end of our 15 day trip starting in Ljubljana.
We'll have a car that I may decide to drop at the airport and just come back to town but I'm not if that's worth the effort for 2 nights?

Bigger question is should we stay within the city walls in Old Town and stay outside and just visit that area? I'm traveling with my teenage son, we aren't partying and want to get a good feel for what's there especially with our 1 full day. I keep hearing about how loud it is in these apartments/Airbnb's, etc... not a fan of busy cruise ship orts but I really have no idea if it's "that bad".

Would love to get some opinions/thoughts on pro's/con's and if we do stay in old town, is there a specific area that we should look to stay in or is it all pretty much the same? If we stay outside - suggestions on areas to stay in?

And, what are the best things to do there in one evening and a full day?


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Hi !
If you stay in Dubrovnik, I would suggest maybe Lapad area. You will have pretty nice conecction to Old city and after you come from it (10ish m bus ride) you will have an option of peace and quiet. There are some great seaside spots there also...
I would suggest visiting after 12 to avoid most crowded time of a mornin.

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I’ll always advocate for staying inside the walls if possible, especially when you have a brief stay. You want to maximize your sightseeing time, and as this is at the tail end of your trip I think the convenience and that bit of magic will be much more memorable. I like the idea of ditching the car, busses to and from the airport are easy. But maybe there’s a better place you can leave it? There may be rental places near the new port. Or if you’re staying up the coast beforehand maybe you could leave it earlier and rely on the ferry.

Much is made of the crowds in Dubrovnik, and when you go can certainly impact it. But weirdly, I think Dubrovnik accommodates the crowds well. You just want to avoid the very peak of the afternoon, which is pretty easily done by hitting the beach or going to Lokrum island. Plan on walking the walls in the morning, it gets super hot and fast. Check out the Fort, you don’t necessarily need to go in but it offers nice views and you can’t help but overhear Game of Thrones tour groups in there. Check out Buza bars 1 & 2 that are on the rocks outside the walls. Even if you’re not “partying” it will be fun scene. Buza 2 is much more relaxing and is also a great spot to swim. Head up to Mt. Srd for sunset. If you want to treat yourselves, dinner at the Panorama restaurant is an excellent splurge (couple drinks, salad, entree and coffee was $100).

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I recommend staying inside the walls especially since you only have 2 nights. I love the atmosphere of Old Town. The architecture is beautiful and it's gorgeous at night. We were there in September 2019, and we honestly didn't think the crowds were that bad. We enjoyed our stay at Karmen Apartments.

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Both opinions have merit, but I’m on the Lapad side. Nice hotels, good restaurants, seafront promenade, cute beach, 15 minute bus ride to old town. Old town is beautiful but a daytime visit is sufficient, you don’t need to stay there.

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Just be aware that the city slopes upwards somewhat steeply from about a block north/east
of the Stradun, and a lot of the lodging in the Old Town and neighboring area is located there.
Lapad, while farther away, is a fairly level walk and the buses serve that area (although
frequency of buses leaves something to be desired).

There is also lodging in Cavtat, but I have not been there and it is more of an option for
saving $ vs Old Town, but there are buses between Cavtat and Old Town.

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Thanks to everyone who posted - we decided to stay in old town and were able to add one night - and we are dumping the car for sure!!

Still looking for a place so any additional suggestions would be really helpful.

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I’m in the old town group. Try Dubrovnik Gardens, Andio Bed+Breakfast, or Pavisa Apartments. Most places within the walls use since they don’t have enough rooms to warrant a website.
PS - Dubrovnik Gardens has a website.

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I have 4 extra days in June and we are staying at Uvala Hotel, Lapad beachfront area. We have booked a sailing day with swimming and snorkling, and an afternoon tram ride up to Mount Srd and lunch at The Panorama Restaurant.