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Dubrovnik Gardens

My wife and I are going to Dubrovnik in September and I'm attempting to book a room at the Dubrovnik Gardens. I went to the Web site listed in the book, and noticed that the email address and phone number have both changed from the guidebook. I know how easy it is to hijack Web domains, and I have no desire to fall for the common fake room scam. Can anyone confirm that the new email address and phone number on the Web site is actually OK? The old email address was, while the new one is (which, truthfully, does not inspire confidence).

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Good eye! I did NOT catch that. I have corresponded with Roberto de Lorenzo at that Yahoo address. Communication was clear, no weird misspellings or grammar. No payment was requested.

FWIW, I just checked on TripAdvisor and the owner, Roberto, is mentioned often. My gut feeling is this your typical European web stuff. It seems that unlike in the States, the majority of small businesses just don’t bother much with their internet presence. I didn’t see much wrong because most websites seem like this.

Would love to have some confirmation from RS staff on this though. Thanks for pointing it out!

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Thanks. I just heard back from Marc van Bloemen (of the van Bloemen Apartments in Dubrovnik) and he confirmed that this is Roberto's new email address.