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Dubrovnik- extra time?

My husband and I are taking the Rick Steves Adriatic tour next year, which includes an evening and full day in Dubrovnik. Should we extend in Dubrovnik or does the tour allow enough time to see most of the city? After the trip we want to spend a couple of days in Munich. I'm trying to decide how to allot time after the tour.

If we fly out in at an afternoon vs morning time, would the extra 3 hours give us time to do anything?

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2 cents. Having been on that delightful tour last fall, I would lean toward not extending and depart in the morning. Flights are not that frequent. If there is an AM option for you to Munich , Id take it. We had to extend our stay 1 day as our original flights were cancelled. We felt like we experienced the beautiful but crowded city in the 1 1/2 days the tour afforded and didn't get much joy from the extra time. Have a great trip.

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I took this tour in 2016 and stayed in Dubrovnik two extra days. I felt that the second extra day was too much. One extra days was enough for me to do the City Walk, pop into a few churches and relax at the hotel pool.

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I would spend an extra night in Dubrovnik. By doing so, I think you get a better feel for the ambiance of this beautiful city. And the crowds are less in the mornings and evenings. On your second day, you can take the cable car to Mt. Srd and have drinks and/or dinner at the Panorama Restaurant at the top while enjoying stunning views. Visit War Photo Limited to learn about the very complex Balkan Wars of the 90's that caused the breakup of Yugoslavia. Visit several churches and monasteries.

OR the other thing you could do is hire a private driver to drive you around the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro for the day. Or rent a car and drive yourself around the Bay.

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Yes, one more day is probalby wise. If there is any way you can swing it, 4 or 5 extra days and go into Montenegro. Its beautiful and this is as close as you will ever get. But it requires a bit of planning for transportation issues (but it not being simple is why its still beautiful ... Cities, Towns and Countryside).

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Dubrovnik has a lot of options. It’s a place where there’s almost always something you CAN do, but not that you necessarily need to do. I would give it at least an extra night, depending on time of year and activities you might be interested in. (Is this in season? Would you want a day for swimming, etc?) But I think having a day/night to yourselves after the tour would be a good break.

I would also opt for the morning flight. Realistically, a couple extra hours isn’t much. It takes a special traveler to be able to enjoy that time without watching the clock ahead of an international flight.

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Another small factor is where you will stay in Dubrovnik. Buses don't run
all that frequently, so don't rely on them. Might be a battle to get taxis
around Pile Gate at busy times.

Overall, I agree with everyone else that one more night is a nice compromise.

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Again, thanks for all the input. We looked into Montenegro and decided to spend the extra days there instead of Munich. Munich will be much easier to see on a future trip.