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Dubrovnik evening activity options - walls tour or kayaking?

We'll be in Dubrovnik overnight in July on a cruise, and are deciding what to do in the evening. We will plan to walk the walls while in Dubrovnik, either on our own (in AM 2nd day) or with a tour in the evening, since I have found a couple of walk the walls tours that take place around 530pm). Another option on an excursion site is a kayaking trip in the evening, seeing the city/walls from the water, visiting a cave, etc. This would conflict with the walls tour, but we could do it if we walked the walls on our own the next day. FWIW, walking the walls on day 2 AM would be followed by a Game of Thrones tour @ 11 am.

I guess my question is whether the walls are better to walk in morning or evening, and whether a tour on the walls is better time spent (with our relatively limited time in Dubrovnik) than the kayaking trip, which sounds nice/fun, but maybe not a quintessential Dubrovnik activity? And also wondering if its "too much" to do walls followed by another walking tour on day 2. Just trying to make the most of our time there, any thoughts appreciated.

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Considering the heat, I'd opt to walk the wall during the early morning. That's what we did and it was still a bit warm. The kayak trip should give you a unique perspective for the city; wished we had be able to do that.

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I’d also opt for the walls in the morning. It’s crazy how hot it gets up there so fast. Try to be among the first folks up there, wear hats, sunscreen, the whole nine yards. Then I’d plan on taking a long shady break before the GoT tour. That tour can be even more strenuous because they will take you up into Fort Lovrijenac, which is a hike with quite a few stairs. Plus, that’s going to be midday. In a way that’s the one you need to prepare for, but doing them in succession is doable.

The kayaking looked fun, but I preferred a perch at Buza II bar for my twilight hours. The evening boat cruises are also an option if you’re looking for something lighter.