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Dubrovnik, Dominican Monastery Museum/wall walk vs. Mount Srd

Anyone know if the Dominican Monastery Museum has reopened? Specifically, I'm interested in the Titian and the triptych. I've looked at their website, unfortunately my browsers won't translate Croatian. Looking at some reviews, it appears it was closed 10/23 and possibly open 12/23. RS guide says closed until at least 2024.

Also, for folks that have done the wall walk and the cable car up to Mount Srd, would you recommend one over the other?

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Thanks Local, for your help. I had a different website for the monastery, your link is helpful to have.

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If you have time for only one activity, I would choose the wall walk. The sights are beautiful, the rooftops, the water, etc. However, if you have the time for both, I definitely recommend taking the cable car to the top of Mt. Srd for drinks with amazing views.

How many days will you be in Dubrovnik? I also recommend visiting War Photo Limited to learn about the war in the 1990’s.

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We had the opiton of walking the wall or taking the cable car. We chose the wall because it was not as crowded, gave us some great views of the city and the water, and allowed us to move at our own pace.