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Dubrovnik city walls

Are there railings along the steep steps up to the top of the city walls in Dubrovnik?

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Yep, generally.

Remember: this places gets bazillions of tourists every day, most of them off cruise ships. At least some of those visitors are not exactly terribly steady on their feet. As long as you can manage lots of stairs, you should be fine. That said, sometimes standards in "ye olde worlde" places can fall a little short of more highly-regulated places, so do watch your step, be ready for some uneven spots, unusually steep and occasionally inconsistent steps, etc. (some of these steps where made a looooong time ago, eons before the ADA). As long as you're careful, it should be no problem (other than squeezing through the crowds).

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Yes, there are railings... and everything else that David says. One great tip: go FIRST thing in the morning, when access first opens. You'll beat the worst of the crowds, and enjoy your walk much more.

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Railings, yes. But there are a bunch of steps up (40?) and there are occasional places on the walls with 5-6 steps. It's not wheelchair-friendly.

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As Paul says, the walls are not wheelchair friendly. In addition to the steps getting to the wall entrances, there are steps along the way. I am 70 and my husband is 73. When we were in Dubrovnik last September, I had hip replacement surgery 4 months prior. I was able to walk the walls and climb the steps, but we went slowly. It took us about 2 hours and 20 minutes because I walked slow; we stopped to rest and take photos; stopped at a cafe on the wall along the way for a cold drink, to rest, and enjoy the views.

What time of year will you be there? It was hot and sunny in September. Use sunblock, wear a hat, and bring bottled water with you. Or you can buy water at several places along the wall. Walking the walls was one of the highlights of our trip. The scenery is gorgeous, whether you are looking at the blue Adriatic or the red-tiled roofs of Dubrovnik!

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FWIW, we planned to climb the walls in Dubrovnik this fall until we saw the price. I think it was almost $30 pp...a bit too steep for us. No pun intended 😊