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Dubrovnik Card - how did you use it?

We're looking for a local bus pass (week pass) for the city buses in Dubrovnik and, so far, I have not been able to find information on such. The bus page itself mentions the "contactless" bus pass, and we watched the locals use it on our ride yesterday. But so far I can only find a link that discusses a similar pass in Pula. Is there a link to information on such a pass in Dubrovnik? (For the Pula pass it was 75kn: 35kn initially for the pass with 40kn for the first travel amount; after that, the pass can be 'recharged' in various amounts.)

So, if not a bus pass then the Dubrovnik Card looks like the only other option. We would use it for the transportation and for the walk on the walls (currently shown as 100kn). Other than those uses, what has been your experience with the Card? Did you consider that it was worth the price? Thanks!

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I have some in-laws who live there. I like the Dubrovnik card. For one thing, you can ride free all you want for all of the days it is valid plus get in free at some attractions and then also you get a 150 page color travel guide to the city showing locations of a bunch of places (restaurants, shops, etc) where you can get a discount with the card. I think it is worth it.

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Since you have to purchase the Dubrovnik Card, it is not a give- away, how does that allow you to " ride free" ?

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I don't recall the price but it did include unlimited travel on city buses, as well as entry to museums and other attractions. If you want to assess if it's worth it, make a list of all the attractions you want to visit, add up the costs of entry, and compare against the price of the pass. The pass is not worthwhile just for the public bus since that is the least costly of all. I used it to see about 5 museums, the walls, and getting around by that time, the pass paid for itself and it encouraged me to see some museums I probably would not have known about (plus I didn't need to deal with having cash on me, which was also a plus). I enjoyed all the museums I saw, so it was a net benefit for me. Having said that, I'm sure the pass works great for some people but not for others (they wouldn't sell it if they lost money every time).

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The 2015 Dubrovnik Card comes in 3 varieties: 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day, priced at 150kn, 200kn, and 250kn respectively. Other than the 1-day (which includes one 24-hour bus ticket) they do not include "unlimited" travel at this time. The 3-day covers 10 transit rides and the 7-day covers 20 transit rides. I asked the lady in the kiosk how this works (i.e., 'validating' the pass on the bus), and she explained that there are 2 actual 'cards', one for the attractions and another for travel (which sounded like it may just be a set of individual transit tickets). The attractions card starts its date-counter on the first use for an attraction, so it can be purchased in advance. The transit tickets, she said, can be used at any time and are not linked to the time constraints of the attractions pass.