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Dubrovnik Cable Car - ride up and walk down?

Has anyone taken the Dubrovnik cable car one-way (up) and then walked down? Is it something you'd recommend?

The lady in the kiosk rolled her eyes (a bit) when I asked her that question -- not wanting to be negative but also not very encouraging. Since the tickets are sold as both round-trip and one-way it does seem as though the pricing is geared toward doing one leg (preferably the downhill leg!) on foot. Experiences??

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I didn't have the time to do it, but it is a long hike either way. Just make sure that your legs are ready for it -- you can easily injure yourself going downhill that far. Even though uphill feels harder, I generally only feel tired afterward and quickly recover. Going downhill is where I am more likely to develop shin splits or strain a muscle.

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We did exactly that in 2012. It took awhile to find the path down the hill. It was a long trek and unless you are doing it for the exercise I don't think it is worth the time and effort.