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Dubrovnik by ship

Hello everyone
How much do they charge to walk the wall and how much do they charge for the cable car? Do we need to pay in Kunas or can we pay in Euros?
We'll be arriving by cruise ship. From the dock, how do we get to the main entrance of the walled city?
Is Dubrovnik completely walled or is the walled area part of Dubrovnik?
How much does it cost to take the public bus?

Thank you all for your responses

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Don't remember how much they charge to walk the wall but it couldn't have been much or I'd remember it and we didn't do cable car. We paid for the wall and lunch with Euros -- just ask beforehand to be sure they'll take Euros at lunch. From the dock getting to the main entrance of the walled city depends on which part of the port your ship uses to dock. Might have to take a bus and might be an easy walk as it was for us. The entire area is not walled -- just the old city. Rick Steves' has a guide book on Med. ports you might want to get.

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I was in Dubrovnik in late June/early July 2016. I believe that the ticket for the wall was 100 Kuna, which is about 15 USD. We paid in local currency so I can't confirm whether they will accept EUR as payment. For the public bus, they sell 1-day unlimited passes, which I believe costs 30 Kuna. One ride is around 12 Kuna but higher if bought directly from the bus driver (15 or 16 Kuna).

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If you pay in euros (I'm sure not all restaurants will allow that), you won't get a very good exchange rate, so you have to consider how much money you expect to spend. The more you spend, the more you'll waste by not having local currency, which is easily obtained from an ATM. On the other hand, if you don't expect to spend much, trying to get by with euros means you won't get stuck with unspent kuna.

However, I have a feeling that you might not be able to pay for the wall with euros. Just a guess.

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Thanks for your comments. Really appreciated. We have decided to go with the local currency. It seems to us to be simpler than having to calculate the number of euros each time we want to pay for something. And besides, when in Croatia do as the Croatians do!

hvala ti

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Was in Dubrovnik yesterday. To walk the wall is 120 kuna (you can also get into the fortress to the north, which has awesome views of the walled city. Did not go up the cable car. The bus system was easy, but we were given a 24 hr. pass. Have fun!