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Dubrovnik and Split city tours.

Are guided tours suggested, or is the Rick Steves guidebook sufficient. I have difficulty with non-American English speakers. If a guided tour is recommended, is their an American ex-pat guide anyone could recommend?

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The problem I have is high frequency hearing loss. I need to do a lot of lip reading and listening attentively, and non-American English speakers are almost impossible for me to understand. I thought maybe I got no responses to this post because people thought I was xenophobic. Sorry about any misunderstanding.

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I took a 2-hour city walking tour in Split but the guide was a native Croatia, albeit one who spoke English beautifully and was a college-educated archeologist. Other than that, I relied on Rick's guidebook for both Split and Dubrovnik which seemed quite sufficient. I'm sorry I don't have any idea how to find an American English speaking guide in either city.

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I haven't taken guided tours in either city, but Split has a very large population of people who have repatriated from Australia. If that's an English-speaking accent you're comfortable with, it gives you another option.

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You won’t have an issue in Croatia 🇭🇷. We just got back from there and they start learning English at age 3. By aMiddles school they are workin on a 3rd language (usually German or Italian but often Spanish and French).

Btw, the very best tour of Split old town (local historian - Nives (pronounced Nee-’vas - She gives an impressive 2 hour tour of the history of Split Diocletian’s Palace including the 300 AD Morgue that became one of the oldest churches in the world. Split Diocletian’s Palace is the retirement home of the Roman Emperor that served from 285 AD to 305 AD. If you can get an Airbnb in the Palace, that is a treat. And please e-mail Ni-Vas! She is awesome 😎

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I also can recommend a wonderful English speaking Croat in Split. His English is excellent and he speaks slowly, not fast like us New Yorkers. His name is Pero Ugarkovic email is Hope was born and raised in Split and is a marine biologist when not giving tours.