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driving vs train

Do you need an international licence to rent a car in Croatia? How long is the drive from Zadar to Buzet? Or should I take a train somewhere closer to Buzet and then rent a car?
Not real keen on driving, but might need to. Thanks

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I found driving in Croatia very easy, personally, outside of the big cities. Not sure where you are from, but in the US, an international driving permit costs about $20 at AAA. You need a valid driver's license from home, too.

Otherwise, you're not going to find a train between those two places. Your best bet will be a (long) bus ride. I don't think the coastal ferry is running anymore.

Try .

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The statement on how long a US license can be used in Croatia has nothing to do with needing an IDP or not. It is for persons wanting to stay for a long time either for work or becoming a resident. No US tourists just staying there is going to be allowed to stay for a year anyway and getting a European driver license is not something anyone would want to try unless they absolutely had to.

Yes, the $25 or so you spend for an IDP at AAA is worth it just to be sure you have no issues if the police stop you.