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Driving from Split to Mostar on A1

I have the RS Eastern European book (which I know has old info), but wanted to know if the A1 Highway (leaving from Split) crosses the Bosnian border (as opposed to what the RS book says that this highway is not complete). I just want to make sure even though Google maps shows A1 slightly creeping into Bosnia. On the subject, I plan to rent a Wifi router provided by my car rental agency. I was hoping to use this along with Google Maps on my iPhone to help me navigate my way. Is this a feasible option? Are the signs to Mostar well marked on the route between there and Split?

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I believe Bosnia and Herzegovina goes all the way to the coast and there is no way whether A1 is complete or not not to cross it. We drove along the coast from south of Split (we stayed in Podgora) to Dubrovnik (at that time A1 ended inland from Split) and crossed through the small stretch of Bosnia and Herzegovina that meets the sea. We had no problem with the boarders, but have your passport with. I managed to get a speeding ticket in Croatia during the drive (Radar trap). No problem just hand over the cash. It will always be memorable as there was a Nun on the side of the road at the speed trap. I asked the Police why she was there, and he answered she was waiting for her colleague to come back with the money for their speeding ticket! We used our TomTom with Croatian maps to navigate.

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It looks like the driving directions offered by Google Maps are matching those on Despite having your other resources, I would also print those route directions at home, since you're thinking about it.

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My other main reason for asking is that when I put in the request for the rental car there was a footnote saying that I didn't need a border cross card (green card) if I took the car into Bosnia via A1. However, when I look at the directions that way it seems like I'd have to travel some small, windy roads. Should I just request the green card when I pick up my rental car?

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I spend the summer in Croatia close to the BiH border at Neum. At this border crossing it is unusual, bit not unknown to be asked for a green card. At other borders from Croatia into BiH I am asked for a green card 90% of the time.