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Dolomites accommodations and the need for A/C

Heading to Orteisi/Val Gardena in July and it seems that most hotels do not have air conditioning. Some, on Tripadvisor, indicate that they do have a/c but when I contact the hotels directly to confirm, they actually do not have it. The hotels suggest that it is “fresh mountain air” etc……. For many reasons, I want a/c (allergies, noise, bugs, smoke from nearby balconies etc….). Reading reviews of many hotels also solidifies my preference as it is vert hot in the summer. Does anyone know of a hotel that has a/c or hotels that maybe even have ceiling fans? A comfortable nights sleep is a must for good vacation and fun hiking days. Hoping someone has some suggestions. I’m open to Airbnb’s but many of them seem to be fairly remote.

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I hope people will respond to your post because I have the same questions about A/C in the Dolomites. I think you mistakenly put your post in Croatia instead of Italy.

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Oops thanks. I will make another post then in Italy. I didn’t realize that. Finding air conditioning is not easy. Ugh.

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I don't know what lodgings up in the mountains might have air conditioning. It can get hot at mid-day up there, but the odds are probably good that the temperature would drop precipitously before bedtime. I don't know whether that means the room would cool sufficiently fast for comfortable sleeping. You can see temperature graphs plotting actual, historical weather data on the website

The Parkhotel Laurin down in Bolzano is air conditioned. It's several cuts above my usual hotel standard, but I got a good deal there back in 2015 when I desperately needed a room with a/c. I'd guess your odds of a/c in 4-star properties in the valley towns may be considerably better than at altitude since you probably can't count on nighttime cooling down there. Unfortunately, the attitude of the owners of less expensive properties seems to be that they don't need a/c because miserably hot weather isn't all that frequent. Unfortunately, if you hit a heat wave, it's no consolation that it's a very rare event.

I don't know that it's consistently available as a filter for all cities, but does list a/c as a filter in Bolzano. However, you're smart to check with hotels to find out what "air conditioning" means to them, because it does sometimes seem to just mean some sort of forced-air ventilation. Also check on where the a/c unit is located unless you're booking a very small room. I stayed in a one-bedroom apartment earlier this year that had just one of the small units mounted high on the wall near the ceiling. It was in the living room. Fortunately, the temperature was moderate and a/c wasn't needed. I'm sure that small unit would have done very little, if anything, to cool the bedroom.

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I usually only stay at hotels with a/c but it does not get hot enough there in the summer to need it.

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I was in Ortisei this last July and it was in the mid-high 80s. It did cool down at night. I've been there many times and haven't seen a place with AC. It probably exists but most hotels won't have it since, historically, it has never gotten very hot in the Dolomites. Unfortunately, that is changing. I've been going up there for over 30 years and the weather is noticeably warmer overall.