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Doing Laundry on the Rick Steves Tour of the Adriatic--Croatia and Slovenia

We are taking the Rick Steves tour of Croatia and Slovenia in fall 2015. We are extending the trip a day or so on either end, which means that we will be traveling for 2 1/2 weeks, starting in Ljubjlana and ending in Zagreb. Other than that, we are following the Rick Steves trip itinerary. I am just not into the washing in the tub/sink/whatever routine and unfortunately also dislike wearing clothes for multiple days. In looking at the itinerary, I do not see where a mid-trip chance to do laundry exists. Rovinj has a laundry, but it apparently requires 24 hours, which we will not have (at least not during normal business hours). Any tips on this issue from anyone who has taken this tour?

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We were on the same tour last Sept. When you get to Split, you will have an opportunity to do laundry. Our tour guide showed us the laundromat. You drop your laundry off and then you can return later to pick it up. I believe it was reasonably priced. Have fun.

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Hi Anne, my name is Julia and I work in the Tour Department at Rick Steves. You'll have the opportunity to do laundry in Split. Your guide will either let everyone know where the Laundromat is, or the group will just walk past it on the way to dinner so everyone can drop their laundry off. You come back the next morning to pick it up!

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I believe you and I were on the same tour. How are you both doing? That was sure a wonderful tour!!!

As the others have mentioned, one place you'll be able to do laundry is Split. The laundromat that was suggested is close to the waterfront and an easy walk from the hotel. They provide both a "service wash" (they do the laundry) as well as self-serve (which is the option I used). If you decide to use the self-serve option, don't expect much help from the attendants. As I recall, there's a small restaurant a few doors from the laundromat, so you can have a fine meal while you're waiting for the laundry. As I recall, it's the same restaurant where we enjoyed a fine group dinner.

There's also a convenient self-serve laundromat in Ljubljana, not too far from the hotel that you'll probably be using. It's listed in the guidebook. If you do laundry there and in Split, that should cover you for the tour. Aside from those two locations, the staff at your hotel will be able to provide more information on local laundromats.

You're going to have a great time on that tour! Be sure to stock up on memory cards and extra batteries for you camera.