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Direction of the route

Hi everyone, I am planning our 10 day trip to Croatia in October. We will be flying in from Paris CDG, flying out to Brussels. This is our first visit to Croatia.

The route I came up with is arriving from CDG to Dubrovnik and then departing from Zadar to Brussels CRL (based on the availability of direct flights). We plan to spend 3-4 nights in Dubrovnik, 2-3 nights in Split, one night in Plitvice Lakes (will split The visit in 2 half days), then 1-2 nights in Zadar.

I feel like the direction should be the other way around, starting from Zadar and ending with Dubrovnik (want to end the trip in a relaxing city with nicer accommodations), unfortunately Dubrovnik doesn’t have direct flight to Brussels on the day of our departure.

Do you think this direction is okay? Or do you think it should be the other way around?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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I wouldn’t describe Dubrovnik as a relaxing town. It’s funny, but I’ve often reflected on how much I enjoyed Dubrovnik and I think it was partly because it WAS my first stop. I’m sure it’s quieter in October, but it’s definitely the most active, touristy, and potentially draining stop. I think it’s best to start there with high energy, and finish in quiet Zadar as you have planned.

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@awrzesinski Thank you so much for the reply. Good to know that you enjoyed Dubrovnik as the starting point of the trip. Will keep the route as it is then. Thanks again !

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Just to suggest something a bit different.

Start with 1/2 days stops and then you can finish the tour with 3/4 nights (whereever you feel like)

This way this move from somewhere to Dubrovnik makes sense...

It seems you will be more into doing things when arrived, then you will cool off a lil`, and maybe start to enjoy judt doing wine sipping by the beach. If you will enjoy this type of vacation..