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day trip from Dubrovnik to Mostar


I have booked a trip for two nights in dubrovnik in summer. I reach there during the day on the 17th May and depart at night on 19th. so I would say it gives me around 2.5 days? Is it possible to squeeze in a day trip to mostar in that time? are there any cheap tours? most of the ones I found online are around 50 GBP per person. Is it possible to go on our own by bus? I checked the bus schedule and looks like the timings arent very frequent.

Posted by Andrew H.
Portland, Oregon
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Not sure I would squeeze that in with such a short time in Dubrovnik, though you don't really need a ton of time there. But the day trip to Mostar will consume most of that day, leaving you with two half days in Dubrovnik, basically. And half of that day will be on a bus or in a van, then you will experience Mostar at its touristy worst during the day.

I'd consider renting a car instead just for the day so you might stop in say Tribeinje on the way to/from so you might get more out of the day than just Mostar...or find a tour that does more than just Mostar on the way.

Posted by nanwar OP
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Yes thats why I was having second thoughts as I didnt wanna squeeze in too much in such a short time. But the thing is the day we leave our flight is at night at 11pm and we would be checked out of our accomodation in the morning so I was just considering if it would be a good idea to do a day trip then.

Also driving unfortunately is not an option for us so will have to look at tours only :s

Posted by Kay
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We hired a driver who picked us up in Dubrovnik at 8am. He spoke excellent English and was a teacher in his 30’s who was extremely knowledgeable about the history and culture. He drove us to Ston, Mostar, Medjgagorie and then dropped us off in Split, where we were staying for the night. it was about 239 euro for the day for the two of us. The price included lunch, parking fees, gas, entrance fees. I am sure it would be much cheaper if you were just going to Mostar and then back to Dubrovnik. This was 4 years ago, so I am sure the price has gone up. It was a wonderful day and worth every penny. We found our guide on trip advisor. Ivo was his name, I have forgotten the name of the company, but here is his companies email address.