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Day trip from Dubronvik to Korcula in April

we are looking to do a day trip from Dubronvik to Korcula in April. Is there a way we can do it without a car? or is it best to have a car to do this trip effectively? We prefer to do it on our own. We do not have a problem renting a car as we will anyway have a car for the rest of our trip. From what i can see, driving to Orebic and taking a ferry from there to Korcula seems to have the best connection and making it possible to do a day trip. Any advice or any one have a better idea? Thank you.

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Not sure I'd do it. If you rented a car, you're looking at at least three hours each way, once you take into account getting in line for the ferry a little early, etc. Plus you'll have to pick up the car, drop off the car, etc. Maybe you could find find someone to take you as an excursion day trip - but is it really worth six hours or more in a vehicle? Korcula Town is really nice, but I'm not sure I'd do the day trip. I guess some people would. It is sort of a "little Dubrovnik" walled town. If I had to choose, I might choose a day trip south to the Bay of Kotor instead. While Kotor is also in a sense another "little Dubrovnik" walled town, the scenery along the bay (the drive) is beautiful, there is another beautiful town to stop at on the way (Perast), and you can hike up above the town of Kotor to get stunning views down on the bay.

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@Andrew H - I have an extra day in Dubrovnik and would like to do a day trip to Korcula. After Dubrovnik, I’m headed to Kotor and spending few days and then heading to Mostar and so on. So I will anyways be renting a car. It’s just a matter of renting the car the day before on 10th instead of 11 April and I’ll have the car for the rest of the trip.

Considering what I said, do you think it’s a better idea? Advice?