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Dalmation coast

Hello, We will be visiting Croatia in September, planning on starting in Dubrovnik and also seeing Split, Hvar and Korcula. Can you please advise the best order to visit each place, how much time to spend in each and what is the best way to get from one to the other. Thanks!

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Flying into where, out of where? How much time do you have?

Dubrovnik is lovely and unique, but the old town is fairly small and gets very crowded with tourists (cruise ship groups) during the days. Much nicer at night. But you really don't need a bunch of time there to see it. I'd say three nights there is plenty unless you want to day trip elsewhere.

Visiting Korcula and Hvar seems to be about relaxing, so spend as much time on each as you want. I visited only Korcula Town - only two nights but I arrived late the first night (by bus) and departed crack of down (by catamaran) after the second night. I had nothing to do there but relax, and this was mid-October when the season was winding down - things were cooling down and slowing down, so that was really enough time for me. In the summer a third night would have been nice I guess if I wanted to relax on the water or see more of the island than Korcula Town.

There is catamaran service between, Dubrovnik, the islands, and Split - google for the schedule for September. There's also catamaran service between Korcula, Hvar, and Split - should be easy to find by googling.

Many people say visiting one island is enough. Depends on your interests and the type of vacation you want. There is much more to see in the area than just those four places. One of the highlights of Croatia is Plitvice Lakes National Park a few hours north of Split. If it were me, I'd skip one of the islands and head from Split up to Plitvice for a night then fly home out of Zagreb. gain - depends on your vacation interests. Some people love the island experience - nothing wrong with that.

For Split, you can get away with 3 or even 2 nights unless, again, you want to do day trips. Add more time if you want to slow it down.