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Avoid Cruise ships in Dubrovnik

Anyone have an idea about finding common cruise ship scheduled stops in Dubrovnik, so I can arrange to be away for the day.

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Dubrovnik limits the number of ships allowed but they are still a huge problem.

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I see some days in May that there are over 10,000 cruisers in port, not really much of a restriction. Also note that it is rare when no ships are in port.

My experience from Norway is that the effort to avoid ship days really pays off. You can’t salvage a day mobbed by cruise ships.

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My thinking is there will still be less people traveling on cruise ships this year. So I anticipate somewhat less crowded ports. I find most all people I tell I am going on cruise to Europe…Adriatic/Med in May….are saying they are not yet comfortable to consider Europe, for any type of travel. Dubrovnik is one of our Viking ship ports… so we will be one of those visiting. Hoping less crowded as well. And now sadly the tragic war on Ukraine. Once again we have to wait and see. I hope and pray for peace ASAP

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I understand wanting to find days that are less crowded. However, I would think that every tourist, no matter how they arrived, adds to the load in any given port city.

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Of course we all contribute an effect on a place with our presence, but thousands descending at once make a much bigger impact to be sure, especially in a tiny place like Dubrovnik.