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Croatian currency exchange

I wanted to know if it was absolutely necessary that we get Croatian Kuna or would we be ok with Euro in Croatia. I know we will need to take the tram to our hotel from the bus station when we arrive and my understanding is that you pay the driver? Can we pay in Euro or do they only accept Kuna? Because they are in transition, I am getting different information from different sources.

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I went last year and Kuna was the only currency accepted. Best to use Kuna and just pull money out from the ATM when you arrive as opposed to exchanging.

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You will need Kuna. They will only take Kuna's. Maybe you can get rid of some euros at a market but not at hotels, in restaurants or with transportation. Hopefully there will be an ATM near the bus stop for you once you arrive. Otherwise you can exchange at an airport in another country but the rate will not be good.

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Would you expect Americans to accept payment in Euros? No, so why would you expect Croatia to? Their currency is the kuna so this is what you should pay in.

Croatia is not in transition to the Euro as it does not meet the necessary economic criteria. Having joined the EU means that they should adopt the Euro as and when they meet the criteria, but with things happening in Greece, it maybe that the Eurozone breaks up before Croatia ever meet the criteria!

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Thank you so much!!!!!! I think I will just get it at the airport ATM.