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Croatia/Slovenia in late April vs. mid June

If anyone reading this has taken the Best of the Adriatic tour in late April, I'd appreciate hearing your impressions of your tour. Or, if you've just traveled independently at that time of year in the destinations covered by the tour, how was it? We are confirmed on an early June tour. With a preference for May, I put our names on some waitlists for May dates, along with one late April date. The late April date has been offered to us and I have 48 hours to decide. Cold/rainy weather can spoil a trip for me. My husband doesn't mind a few cool/rainy days. Neither of us is a fan of hot and humid weather, with my tolerance for it a little better than his. We usually travel in May or September. I used to check weather in the tour's destinations in the past 3 years and it looks like the April departure could see some quite cool days (50s) early in the tour, whereas the June departure might have some very hot days (low 90s) late in the tour. I know that crowd sizes will be up in June, another factor to take into account. Is it lively enough in April, places open? In terms of covid rules and regulations, my first thought was that April is coming up too soon and June allows for more time for things to normalize, but I realize this is anyone's guess. (I know I could post this inquiry in the tour forum instead of the destination forum, but there seems to be more traffic here.)

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For the location, but this is just personal preference, I would choose first May, then June and last April. Just too nice there when its truly warm. Later dates might have a slight COVID advantage too. But June airfare is bound to be the highest. April and May could be about the same.

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Of course weather is never the same from year to year. However, I think I would opt for your June date, then May, and April last. We traveled to Croatia and Slovenia in September 2019 and had gorgeous weather. That same year friends of ours went to the same destinations in late April/early May, and they reported they had a mixed bag of weather. I think the weather was better in Croatia, but they had chilly and rainy weather in Ljubljana. They had to wear layers of clothing. They visited Lake Bled which was practically empty in early May. As I believe James said, Croatia and Slovenia are glorious when you have warm, sunny days!

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I am presuming that the tour visits larger places, but April on the islands is off season and not everything will be open. Why is the season so short? It’s all about the weather which indicates when you should visit (not April).

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We did this tour in late April/Early May of 2019. I looked carefully at weather before we booked and thought that we had a good chance for mild temps, but it was a mixed bag. Some gorgeous days, some OK days, and a couple of awful, rainy ones. We still have absolutely fond memories of the tour - and we can laugh now about the rain - but I'd probably choose later in May or June if we were to do it again. If cold and rain can spoil a trip for you, you should stick with what you have and switch to May if it's offered. Whatever you choose, you'll LOVE the tour. It's fabulous.