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Croatia shuttle


My husband and I are planing to travel to Croatia but we do not want to rent a car and we understand that going thought the country by local bus is difficult. We don't mind taking trains if this is possible. We took a shuttle service called Bean shuttle last year who took us from Prague to Austria to Budapest . Does anyone know of a service like this offered in Croatia?

We would like to visit Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb and Plitvice Lake Park. We have nine days total for this trip.

thank you for your comments. Any help is appreciated


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What exactly is wrong with Croatia's buses? True, I have only been on a few, but the ones I have been on have been just fine, and I have heard from others that they work well enough in most cases. In some cases, like taking a bus from Split to Istria, the bus ride could be very long, but you don't mention Istria. Busing from Dubrovnik to Split, Split to Plitvice, and Plitvice to Zagreb should be very easy.

But, I have also rented a car in Croatia a few times just because it's so easy to drive there and generally pretty cheap - and I don't care for long bus rides.

There actually is a train between Split and Zagreb, but it makes more sense to stay over a night in Plitvice (enter the park in the morning first thing to avoid the big crowds that descend on the place by mid-morning during the warmer months).

Try the website to check bus schedules.

I know of a Slovenian transfer service called GoOpti, but I am not aware of a well-known service for Croatia.

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This is the second report I have read recently from Americans thinking that Croatian buses are difficult. Nothing could be further from the truth!

There are no trains in Dubrovnik.

Hiring a car and driving in Croatia is easy.

When are you travelling? Dubrovnik to Split - catamaran ( or bus. Both take c 4 hours.

Split to Plitvice- it is best if you stay the night before near the park and it's easier if you drive.

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Going by local buses in Croatia is not difficult at all. Where did you hear that? The only thing that may be difficult is finding schedules online, but don't worry, you can just show up at the bus station and look at the schedules once you get there. I used the Rough Guide to Croatia for planning and traveled by bus all the way from Bosnia and south to was no problem, really.

There is a local bus in Dubrovnik that is easy to use and goes everywhere. Split is also easy to access from the airport by bus (if you're flying into/from Split). There are modern inexpensive buses that go from Split to Dubrovnik, where there are no trains. I would only rent a car to go to Plitvice, if at all.

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Thank you so much to all of you that replied. I know have a much better idea of how the buses system works in Croatia. I was wrong before, there seems to be good transportation

I am now planning to wait until late September of 2018 to go on the trip. I understand that it will be a lot easier to get to Corcula and Hvar then which I want to visit. Right now a lot of places have closed on the islands.

Your help has been invaluable. Thank you so much for taking the time to help a fellow traveler. I will save the information you sent me and use it in the future.