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Croatia Island Hopping Itinerary

Hello everyone - I realize there have been some similar posts to what I am about to ask, but am hoping to get some specific advice, especially since we are not renting a car and traveling by public transportation.

We are traveling for a week in Slovenia, going to Zagreb (possibly just for a day and then spending 2 nights in Plitvice. Here is where i need help, from Plitvice. I really want to se the Islands, I'm very interested in Brac, Korcula, and Mijet. We love nice uncrowded beaches and swimming and nature, my husband also loves to hike. Ideally I would do a 7 day sailing trip, but unfortunately he gets sea sick and at most could do a half day trip (though can handle ferry rides). We travel very light. Please help me rearrange and fill in the blanks below. How many nights and where? Should we go to Zadar instead of Split, as does sound nicer. Thank you so much in advance, I'm driving myself mad.

Day 1 - Go to Split (spend night) or Zadar

Day 2 - Split?

Day 3 - Brac spend night? or day trip from split?

Day 4 - Ferry to Hvar - walk around - ferry to Korcula spend night

Day 5 - Korcula

Day 6 - Korkula early ferry to Mijet, spend day spend night

Day 7 - leave Mijet arrive Dubrovnick mid afternoon?

Day 8 - tour Dubrovnick

Day 9 = fly out Dubrovnick noon

Thank you all for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The only thing I have ever regretted in Croatia was when I packed too much moving in. I'd consider picking only one or two islands.
Look carefully at the Jadrolinija and Krilo catamaran schedules, and you will be able to cobble together a plan that has you moving from island to island with no backtracking. Look carefully at which towns the catamarans depart from, as they are not all the same.
What time of year will this be? That affects both the ferry/catamaran schedules and what islands I recommend--skip Hvar town in July for example.
From Plitvice, I'd head on to Split, do a night there. Then pick one island for at least three nights--that will give you two full days for hiking and anything else you wish to do. Here's one idea, but as long as you give yourself ample time, I really think any island is fine. I think you need to leave Zadar and Mljet off this time--hopefully you will be back (I've been 4x and I dream of returning!)
Day 1 arrive Split (unless you have a list of things you specifically want to see here, an afternoon and morning are likely enough)
Day 2 arrive Brac late afternoon/early evening
Day 3 Brac (you could do a day trip to Hvar)
Day 4 Brac
Day 5 arrive Korcula
Day 6 Korcula
Day 7 bus or catamaran to Dubrovnik
Day 8 Dubrovnik
Day 9 depart

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From my many trips and many ferry rides, only look at Krilo’s catamarans. They are faster, smaller, and cleaner. Check for schedules. With your limited time, when in Dubrovnik you can take a 15 minute ferry to Lokrum and hike up to the old fort built by napoleon. Closer and easier to get then mjlet.

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Thank you both! Appreciate the help.