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Croatia Island and hotel recommendations

I hope this is not too much of a tall order.... We are looking at going to Croatia next year in mid September for 2 weeks. I am in the early stages of planning, but what I would like to do is stay on an island for about 4 days for some relaxation time. Looking for both island and hotel recommendations. Here's my long list of requirements ;)

We are are in our 40s and not into clubs or crowds.
Things that we like to do are tour the island , swim, eat, relax.

I am not a fan of the mega hotels. I like smaller family run places.

In past experiences I have found that the town located by the port is often crowded, old, and dirty, so I usually look for a place a little ways out.

A place with a really nice pool is a must have. An infinity pool would be really cool, but I understand that may be asking for too much.
I am looking for that place that has just enough to do where it doesn't seem like we are on a deserted island, but quiet enough that we do not get trampled in the crowds.

An island that has good ferry routes for access back to the mainland would be good.

I am also ok with renting a car to get around.

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I have no recent experience on Croatian islands so cannot help with the questions you asked.

I do want to mention that I spent September 2015 and the first 12 or 13 days of October in the Balkans, ending in Croatia. At some point late in September (I was in Bulgaria, then Montenegro, at that point) the weather changed and became fall-like. The temperature was very pleasant for walking around; I don't know how it would have been for swimming. More of an issue for me was that it went from no-rain-ever to rain several times a week. I mention this since I think you might want to push the island part of your visit as early as you can during your 2-week trip. I'd also start the trip as early as possible in September unless I was trying to hit a special event late in the month.

This is all based on what I experienced during one recent trip, and I realize the limitations of that kind of information. However, 4 days on an island could be rather a long time if it's very rainy. Another reason not to end the trip on an island is that island ferries do get canceled on occasion due to weather. You do not want to be marooned on an island when your flight out of Croatia is about to depart.

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Honestly just about any island could fit those requirements (other than the infinity pool)--September is not super crowded or super quiet, just right in my opinion. Here are the ferry and catamaran operators:
Let us know what your mainland plans are and we can suggest something that fits nicely, but it sounds like you should search for a place with a suitable pool on a hotel site like and go from there.

The adage about the ports does not necessarily hold, for example you can arrive at Korcula or Hvar on a catamaran, and they are considered highlights. Split is not everyone's cup of tea, but it is marvelous to some. Stari Grad, the port on Hvar, is lovely as well.