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Croatia In February 2019: Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb, Ljubljana

Hi Everyone,

I am planning a 10 day trip with high school students along the Adriatic in February 2019. I am wondering if there are enough things to do with students in the following cities: Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb and Ljubljana? I've been to the Almafi coast in Feb and many things are closed, is this the same in Coatia. We are also going to Kotor, Plitvice National Park, and Postojna Caves. I am open to any opinions regarding travel in February. Is it too cold? Are most stores/toursist sites closed, etc. I've been to Amalfi coast and Capri in Feb and it is quite empty and closed.

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I have never been to Europe at that time of year; it would be too cold for me in central Europe, and I do not like gray weather. However, major cities do not close up shop in the winter. Zagreb in particular has a lot of good museums. The kids will enjoy the Museum of Broken Relationships, the naive art museum is small but very good, and there are many more options. Ljubljana should also be fine in terms of things to do. I'm guessing you'll be OK in Split as well, but I'm doubtful about Kotor. On the other hand, the drive to Kotor will still be beautiful. Dubrovnik? I just don't know.

Plitvice I'd be worried about. You can check the park website (same for the Postojna Caves) to verify off-season opening hours, but the fact is that the walkways at Plitvice are mostly without guardrails. If it's raining or has recently rained, the wood might be slippery. (Snow or ice would be worse.) There are also sections of the paths that are across uneven ground and may be blanketed with dead leaves that are very slippery when wet. The paths are not high above the water, so no ones life would be at risk, but a sprained ankle, broken wrist, or fall into cold water would be extremely unpleasant. I'm not sure what the park will even look like in winter if most or all of the trees have dropped their leaves; I didn't pay attention to how many were deciduous.

Honestly, I also think you've got too many destinations over too many miles for such a short trip. The days will be very short, with far more limited sightseeing hours than in the summer. My first choice at that time of year (weather-wise) would be southern Spain. If the former Yugoslavia is a must even in February, I'd rather combine Ljubljana and Zagreb with Venice or perhaps Graz.

Have you investigated your flight options? They may be somewhat awkward.

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The larger cities will be fine, the caves will all be open as they are not dependent on weather, although with only a handful of tours daily. I probably wouldn't venture to Dalmatia in February but would concentrate my time in the north, which is less tourist-dependent. If you want to visit the coastal areas, consider going to the Istrian coast, Trieste or Venice instead. The kids might enjoy a day or two in the Alps, too. Although sightseeing options in the mountains will be quite limited in wintertime, Lake Bled will be just as magical, especially if covered with snow, and you could go to a resort town such as Kranjska Gora for some winter activities.

Otherwise, February 8 is Preseren Day in Slovenia, the country's most important cultural holiday, and many institutions, museums and galleries will hold open days or free admission. Carnival is on March 5 next year, but Ptuj's famous carnival celebrations begin on February 23.

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Thank you so much for such detailed responses, I will certainly consider these responses.