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Croatia -- Experience on small ship cruises?

We are thinking of a cruise from Dubrovnik/Split on a small ship of approx. 40 passengers and see several companies offering variations. Does anyone have any recommendation or experiences, good or bad, that they can share? I'm just not finding a lot of info online. Thanks!

Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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I think might be more helpful than this forum, for cruise experiences and information.

Posted by sharon.mcdaniel OP
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Hi, Norma, and thanks for the tip. Looks like is mostly for larger ships and cruise lines as I didn't find anything for any of the small ship companies I've been researching (unless I wasn't looking in the right place, but I did searches too!)

Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
7337 posts

Well, you can ask questions on the forum there.

Posted by Bob
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We spent a week on one of these cruises. The ships are all similar. The accommodation is minimal, single beds, small washrooms and no sitting area in the room.

The public areas are the back of the boat, open on the sides but can be closed in and on top.

Food was adequate. The galley is small and meals are similar every day. Our trip had all three meals on board, some would have you dine ashore for dinner.

In summary, do not expect luxury. You travel this way because of the itenerary, not the quality of the accommodation or food.