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Croatia - electrolyte drink needed

We are visiting Dubrovnik and my hubby got some type of mild food poisening or stomach bug.
Is there a “Croatian” Gatorade or Propel product that is sold in Croatia which has electrolytes and would be good for hydration? Coconut water is good, but the small local market near us didn’t have anything. If worse comes to worse, I will go down to the nearby pharmacy and ask for a recommendation. If anyone has any knowledge, please share! Thanks in advance!

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You have the right idea about asking a pharmacist. Hope hubby gets what he needs and recovers fast. Being sick on vacay = no fun.

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I agree, check with local Pharmacist for advice. They can also advise if he needs to see a healthcare provider. We are currently packing for for our trip there and will include a small supply of powdered Gatorade. Hope you find what you need.

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I came down with a bacterial GI problem a few years ago while I was in Ljubljana. I was able to buy powdered rehydration mix at a pharmacy. Google some useful words. The Croatian word for "rehydration" may be all you need, but you never know how well Google will do with a technical term like that. My powder was in a box of individual packets. I mixed it with cold water and it didn't taste bad.

I had previously tried to find something like Gatorade but had no luck. I thought I was drinking enough water and orange juice to prevent further issues, but I ended up both dehydrated and short on potassium, so you're smart to attack this right away.

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Thanks for the tips. I will go visit the local pharmacy and get some rehydration powder. It’s handy to know the terminology for the product. Appreciate it!