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Croatia during covid

We are planning a trip to Croatia in September. We are vaccinated so that makes entry a little easier, but the conditions for entry also say that you have to have proof that your accommodations have been paid in full. That seems problematic in that many places seem to want to be paid in cash upon arrival. Has anyone figured out a work around? Also, how easy is it to obtain a covid test in Croatia in order to return to the US?

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Here is the list of all the testing centers in Croatia where you can get a test if it is still required in September

I found that on the Croatian Embassy website

Check your local bank to see if you can get some local cash (Croatian Kunas) before you go.
From experience living in Chicago the big banks have a foreign currency service but you usually have to be a customer with an account. Otherwise get the cash at the ATM in the airport you arrive at.

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Do you have some accommodations picked out yet? When I have visited Croatia, I have always dealt through a rental agency or directly through an owner. Whether you go that route or through a hotel, I would contact them directly to see how they want to proceed. On some occasions, I have done a bank transfer as a deposit--I would not feel comfortable doing that under current circumstances. I normally prefer that to an unsecured credit card transfer, but now I would want the protection of a credit card payment because you can always get your money back that way. Surely the hosts know what the regulations are and hopefully will have the best solution, good luck! Please share how it goes--Croatia is one of the places I would like to go first when I travel again.

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Do Airbnbs count as lodging by the Covid rules? If so, Airbnb bookings are paid ahead of time. Usually 1/2 on booking and 1/2 soon before arrival, charged to your credit card. Check cancellation policies carefully, some are non refundable and some are able to be cancelled.

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I imagine that prepaid-hotel requirement may be eliminated before September. I certainly hope so. I assume the reason for the policy is to simplify contact tracing, but the financial risk would turn me off. I suppose I might be willing to take the chance if I were staying in Croatia for just a few days as part of a longer trip and only Croatia had the pre-pay requirement.

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I'm just starting the process of booking accommodations for my trip to Croatia for this June and I've been running into the same issue. One of the accommodation owners has asked that I pay in full 10 days prior to my arrival. He is willing to take a credit card, but it made me think that for others, if I pay by bank transfer, I might not be too worried about losing my money since there will be a small chance at that point that there will be some kind of shut down. Also, in a trip I took to France, I sent a personal check to the accommodation. It acted as a guarantee in the case that I didn't show. Once I arrived, they returned the check to me and I paid them in cash. I only did this once and of course, it means that you risk them not returning the check or them depositing the check even if you cancel according to their cancellation policy. For the most part, I've always stayed with places from the Rick Steves guidebooks and have never had an issue with any of the places, so I feel fairly trustful of them. For one of the other places I'm staying, they utilize Paypal, so that could be something that you could ask if the place uses. I will be buying travel insurance as some of the insurance policies now cover certain covid situations. For example, in case you are specifically named to have to quarantine or the airline doesn't let you board and you miss your flight because, for example, they've taken your temperature and it's elevated.
If you find any other solutions, please post as I could definitely use the help too!