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Croatia decisions

I am traveling to Croatia and Slovenia from June 9-June 30th. I'm beginning to wonder if I should spend the time going to the island of Korcula for two nights versus staying longer in either Dubrovnik or Split and do day trips (if possible). I feel like with the Korcula trip I may not have time to really explore Split and Dubrovnik and the surrounding areas as I will be spending time getting to an Island for two nights. I am a solo traveler who loves to hike, kayak, etc. and do outdoor activities- I am not a drinker and have no interest in wineries, etc. This is what my itinerary looks like;
June 10-13th Dubrovnik
June 13-15th Korcula (should I go here for two nights or add one more night to Split and Dubrovnik and do day trips?
June 15th-19th- Split
June 19th-June 22nd- Zadar
June 22nd-23rd- Plitvice Lakes
June 23rd-June 25th- Rovinj
June 25-30th Slovenia.

Thank you! :)

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Split itself is small and can be explored within one day. Since you aren't spending much time on the islands, I think you can keep Korcula.

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You haven't gotten a response. So worst, mine kicks your thread back to the top.

Split: one full day is my tolerance. Dubrovnik, maybe 2 full days. Plitvice, drive up early. Spend 4 hours and move on.

Croatia is a place I'm glad I saw, and for complicated reasons, twice. But not in my top 10. Especially Split and Plitvice. Dubrovnik kinda sweet for historical reasons and the beauty despite to Disney sort of .....

I just read what I wrote. Not the top 10 doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the heII out of it. GREAT SOUNDING TRIP!

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Korcula is on the way to Split from Dubrovnik, so you’re not going out of your way or spending any more time in transit if you stay a couple nights on Korcula. We found Korcula Town fascinating with its medieval walls, gates and towers. For swimmers, there are stairways on the town’s promenade leading to the water below. Korcula lets you slow down and start to feel Croatia’s slower pace of life beyond the other 3 towns which all are impacted by their cruise ports.
During 2021 we flew into Dubrovnik and stayed at a small Croatian-owned guesthouse within the Old Town’s walls. While chatting with one of the proprietors, I said it was great to get to experience Dubrovnik when there weren’t any cruise ships in port.
“Cruise ships,” Darko said, “ruined Dubrovnik.”

We visited Dubrovnik, Korcula, Hvar and Split on a quick 10-day itinerary and going to Korcula for a couple nights got us off the ant trail.

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I would definitely keep Korcula--you should visit at least one of the thousand islands if there in June, as as others mentioned, you are moving north anyway.
If anything, I would nix Zadar. Be sure you have your Rovinj to Slovenia transport scoped out.

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Absolutely keep Korcula, it’s pretty spectacular and aligns with your interests. I loved Split, but four nights is a lot especially if you’re not a drinker/partier. Two nights there is probably ideal. Move at least 1 night to Korcula and consider adding another elsewhere, like to Slovenia or Dubrovnik. I say Dubrovnik just because there’s plenty to do there, and some easy day trips, there’s always options.

I’ll just note that prior to my trip, I was worried how I might fill some of these days. Once I got to Croatia, I stopped worrying. Your itinerary looks great. (Invest in a good pair of water shoes before you go!)

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I agree with most of the posters above.keep Korčula, even add a night there. We travel to Split often and never stay more than 3 nights and 3 nights is our minimum for Korčula.