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I will be traveling alone in parts of Croatia and wondering if I will have any safety problems? Not trying to be disrespectful just trying to being prepared. I will begin arriving in Zagreb, then onto Split and the last destination will be Dubrovnik. In many of the cities I will be with a group, but we do have free time during the evenings and would like to walk outside in the tourist areas. Thank you.

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Yvonne, I traveled alone through Croatia, B&H, and Slovenia several years ago. I wandered around through Split and Dubrovnik (the old cities, the historic areas, where I was staying) on my own, during the days and evenings. I felt very safe … much more so than in many US cities where I have lived. I would have no hesitation strolling around either of those cities in the evening. I hope you have a lovely time there!

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Although I didn’t go there alone, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so. It felt safe.

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I was with my husband, and we always felt safe. There are lots of tourists out at night in Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik. If I was alone, I would feel safe.

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I travel alone a lot - but just technically not in Croatia, although I did wander around after dark by myself in various Croatian cities. Based on all the other places I go and my experience of a month there, I wouldn’t worry at all. Just be sensible, as you would anywhere..