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Covid Testing for Return Home

We are returning from Croatia in mid-October and will be taking a short hop from Dubrovnik to Zagreb and spending the night at an airport hotel.
We know we need to get a test to re-enter the USA(Seattle).
I note that the Zagreb airport has testing available. Has anyone done that?
I note that it is 29 Euros. Is it a rapid test that I can receive results within a few hours?
Thanks for you help.
Also, anyone been to Croatia in the last couple of weeks? How were the crowds?
What about feeling safe wearing masks, etc.?

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7 weeks ago, does that count?

Crowds were light "for Dubrovnik"; very, very light in Zagreb and points between the two.

Not much mask wearing, not much social distancing; pretty much like my home town.

Saw the testing site in the airport in Zagreb upon my arrival, didn't look packed.

Felt safe, no obvious crime.

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We got back from Croatia yesterday (Dubrovnik, Split, Plitvice Lakes, and then Zagreb). The crowds were big; our guides said that, since August, they're close to pre-pandemic levels, minus the multitude of cruise ships. We did the Covid testing at the Zagreb airport. It's 250 kuna (cash or card) for the PCR test. We got the printed results in ten minutes; there are some tables a few yards away from the testing site and we sat there, ate breakfast, and then picked up our results. They also emailed me the results, but I found the paper results were easier to show when going through customs. Save yourself a few minutes and print out the registration form and complete the form in advance. It honestly could not have been any easier. It's a small airport; we got there about 6:15am for a 7:45am flight, got tested, went through security, and still made it to our gate with TONS of time to spare (probably 20-30 minutes before they started boarding).

As far as feeling safe re: Covid, I felt MUCH safer there than here at home. Masks are required in all stores and people are compliant about wearing them. When we took boat/ferry rides, some people did take theirs off when they shouldn't have, but most were still compliant. We spent most of our time outside, which is always helpful.

I hope that helps!

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Just got back on Saturday. I saw the testing site at Dubrovnik airport and line didn't seem long. We bought tests thru United Airlines website and brought them with us. I did not want to deal with finding a place while I was there. Did the test with our cell phone camera and it was monitored by a certified person. Results in 15 minutes. They send you a barcode and email with results. I uploaded to United website and it was already there so we did not have to show during our check in.

We visited Dubrovnik and Split. Crowds were not big, compared to crowds in Rome in August in previous years. Masks were only required inside stores and also they limited the number of people inside the stores. :).

You will love it. I found the locals to be very nice. And the sights were just breathtaking...

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You can take the test 3 full days prior to flight day--so take when/where easiest. Many hotels offer, and airports.

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I just checked both the Zagreb and Pula Airport Covid Testing sites - in English, well done - and I think there is some confusion in what is reported above. You do not say what test you need to go back to Seattle. I need a PCR test to return to Vancouver in October.

Both Croatian sites offer Antigen Testing for about 250 kuna ($40US?) with results available in 15 minutes. See website for details.

Both sites offer PCR testing for about 800 kuna ($140US?) with results available in 24-36 hours. See website for details.

This is similar to times and costs at my home lab in Canada. A PCR test cannot be reported instantly, like an antigen test can.

A medical student returning to Vancouver from her course in Grenada was fined and put into 14 day house quarantine for coming home with only an Antigen Test, which is specifically listed as the WRONG test on the Arrive Canada website. Fine print matters.