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Cheap flights from Croatia to Morocco?

I am searching from any airport in Croatia (though prefer southern because that is where my trip is ending) to Morocco, either Casablanca or Fes and am having great difficulty finding flights especially that don’t take 30-35 hours!
Anyone able to direct me or guide me to the right airlines or websites that offer flights toward the end of July?

AND, is traveling around Croatia easier by bus or train?
I am used to trains but they don’t seem to be as convenient in Croatia as in the rest of Europe.

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Try I tried Dubrovnik to Casablanca and Fes for a random date; nothing great, but there are some flights that are 9 hours instead of the 30 you are finding. Enjoy your trip.

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Croatia doesn't have a lot of trains. Depending on where you're going, you may well have to depend on buses. However, the Croatian buses I've been on were comfortable and reliable. Toilets at the rest stops were sometimes not so nice. The women's toilet at the Pazin (Istria) bus station was disgusting.

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Thanks for the replies both on trains within Croatia and also flying out of Croatia. I found it’s cheaper and easier to fly direct to Barcelona and then take flight to Morocco from there.

Anyone know of any discount passes for the bus system in Croatia? I will be there a little over 2 weeks and moving around often.
Thanks again!