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Cell phone for use in Croatia and Italy?

Where can I purchase two inexpensive prepaid cell phones (talk/text only) for use in Croatia and Italy?
Will the same phone work in both Croatia and in Italy?

We are two couples traveling together, but plan to call each other when pursuing separate excursions.
Also very handy for calling a taxi, hotel, restaurant, etc...

Is purchasing a prepaid cell phone the preferable option,
or should I consider buying a European SIMM card for my Samsung Galaxy S4 ?
Would a single SIMM card work in both Croatia and Italy?

Are they normally purchased with some amount of minutes of service?
(Obviously, I've never done this before...)

Thanks for your experience and advice!

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Which country do you hit first?
Is the S4 locked to a network?
A phone bought in europe will work throughout..your S4 will also work

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The phone you buy there will work anywhere. It will come with a SIM card including some pre-paid time. If you don't use up all that time in the first country, there is usually a cooperative agreement to make it work in the next country, at a slightly higher rate per minute. But I would first look into the option of buying a SIM card for your existing phones (with the same caveats about crossing borders). Since I only have a dumb phone, please read more about smart phone options at