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can kunar be purchased at Austrian banks?

Earlier postings seem to indicate that getting kunar is easy at ATM's when you arrive there. I would much prefer to have at least some kunar in advance of our arrival. We will be in Vienna prior to our flight to Croatia. Has anybody been able to exchange euros for kunar at Austrian banks?
Thanks so much!

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Maybe. Maybe not, since the countries aren't adjacent and the kunar is not a major world currency.

Rest easy. Except for Iran, there is not a single country that does not have currency available at any international port, airport, or rail station within a hundred feet of debarkation/initial entry. Worst case, it will be a currency exchange operation, usually automated, which will be no worse than a foreign purchase -- so you can get an initial dab until you stumble upon a bank atm a little while later.

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Forgive me for being picky but it is the Kuna not Kunar.

I would be amazed if you can't buy Kuna in Vienna, since I am able to do so in a small provincial town in Britain.

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Thank you Richard, both for the correction and the information. I wish I lived in a small provincial town in Britain! ( Rather I am in a megalopolis called Los Angeles, where none of the banks have kuna.)

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Ed has you on the right track. If for some reason you can't find a real ATM at the airport (or the electricity's down, etc), then airport exchange offices will be happy to give you a few kuna in exchange for cash euros or dollars, just not at the best banker's exchange rate.