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Buying gas in Croatia

Hello- We leave next week for our trip to Slovenia and then Croatia. We are renting a car from Sixt for 3 days, picking it up in Rovinj and dropping it off at the airport in Split (and then probably taking a taxi to our hotel in Split). When buying gas in Croatia, are the gas stations self-serve, or do attenants pump the gas? Do we need a pin for our credit card (we don't currently have pins), or is it tap and pay ? Finally, whenever we remt a car in this country, we always decline buying the gas up front (and bringing it back as empty as possible) but stop for gas near the dropoff point, being confident that we can find a gas station near the dropoff point. But what about in Croatia- do we have that option ? If so, what do most people do/ what do you recommend ? Thanks in advance for your help.

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On the toll roads you pump your own gas. I used CC, no problem. In one small stop someone came out and pumped the gas. Again, no problem. I would not worry one bit about getting gas in Croatia.
As far as a PIN goes, I have never ever needed a pin on a CC either here or in any other country I have ever been in.
There are gas stations in cities you can use at the end to fill up before you return car. Use google to find them. That is what we did. We dropped our car in Zagreb.

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Thank you so much for your help. I’ll check google maps.

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The only real challenge with getting gas in Croatia or Slovenia is that the gas stations do not have pay-at-the-pump, which can create long lines on toll roads.