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Bus travel Dubrovnik-Mostar-Kotor-Dubrovnik

My wife and I are planning a trip to Croatia and Slovenia next year probably late May or early June. We also want to visit Mostar, HG and Kotor, Montenegro. We are considering taking a bus from Dub. to Mostar, Mostar to Kotor, then Kotor back to Dub. We're not sure yet how long we'ii stay in Mostar and Kotor, maybe 2 nts. each. Has anyone done this itinerary by bus? We are wondering about the reliability of the buses, bus schedules, ease of purchasing tickets etc. We are also wondering about the route taken between Mostar and Kotor. What are the roads like?, the scenery?, any interesting towns or stops along the way? We appreciate any help.

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The routes between Dubrovnik and each of those locales are frequent and well established, Between Mostar and Kotor less so, It may be best to use Dubrovnik as a base, or expect to pass through. I would suggest at least one night in Mostar due to the travel time to get there. Kotor could be done as an organized tour/Day trip from dubrovnik, or as an overnight.