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Brac or Hvar

Departing from Split, the island of Brac seems closer than Hvar. I've read that Hvar is more upscale than Brac (or it's larger town, Bol). Can someone who has been shed some light regarding the differences and offer insight as to what we might expect? thanks -

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I went to Brac primarily because I wanted something less upscale (i.e. less expensive) and "local", for lack of better terms. It was lovely, laid back and had a very well attended beach at Bol. Expect konobas (local pubs/taverna types of eateries), topless as well as fully nude beach at Bol (the latter is a bit hidden), and a very easy-going island with good bus service to smaller villages (that's how I got around). There is still a main street that has pubs and clubs but it doesn't have the nightlife that Hvar allegedly has. I found it lovely and enjoyable - there were lots of local families at the beaches (many of which are a bit rocky, except for Bol).

Unfortunately I cannot compare it to Hvar, but I know that Hvar has a neat fortress that one can climb, lots of shops, upscale hotels and nightlife (this is from a friend's report).