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Bike trip in Croatia

This October we are planning a 5 or 6 day bike trip from Split to the islands. I can't decide if we should find our own accommodations, bike rentals and other gear or use one of the local "self guided tours" that provide bikes, maps, luggage transfers, accommodations, etc. I'm sure the tours are very helpful, but their costs are rather high. Can anyone share their biking experience with or without the assistance of these tours?

Posted by valadelphia
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A lot depends on your fitness and comfort level--there are some mamma jamma hills. Traffic is not bad outside of towns, especially not in October--but that time of year also will affect the ferry and catamaran schedules. I think you get what you pay for with most bike tours, but could you do a one-day rental and do some spectacular rides? Certainly. Just some initial thoughts, hopefully you will get some reports. I have tooled around on a bike on Korcula, but I have not done any serious rides.

Posted by moranmaryj OP
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Thanks for your response! Our fitness level ranges from a fairly active senior citizen (I'm 72) to very active adult children. A one day rental, or perhaps a couple of scattered day rentals, is an interesting idea. Maybe we can base our trip in Split and venture out from there on a daily basis. I still would like to know if anyone has done a self guided tour offered by these bike outfitters. Thanks again!

Posted by Jill
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We did a self guided tour around Lake Constance with Radweg Reisen. I felt we got value out of booking through them vs. doing it ourselves. The bikes themselves were great. Much better than what we've gotten doing one day rentals. All of our accommodations had storage available for the bikes. Our luggage was always waiting for us at our next hotel, and the directions and information they supplied were very good. We are doing a bike tour of the Mosel this summer with a different company - Velociped and expect to get the same value. For me it's worth the peace of mind to know that all the logistics are taken care of. Both companies also provide a 24hr number in case of trouble.

Posted by moranmaryj OP
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Thank you, Jill. That's really helpful. I guess peace of mind shouldn't be underestimated, especially so far away from home.

Posted by Jennifer
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It is worth noting that October is very much off season on the islands and the catamaran schedule switches to the winter season at the end of the first week of October, only running 3 times a week, not daily. The car ferries run daily, but with fewer sailings.

There is a much higher prospect of rain in October and some island restaurants and hotels will have closed for the winter - it’s a short season there!

As has already been mentioned, once you get away from the coast road, the inland roads are very steep and not for the faint hearted! Weigh up the options of the quality of equipment provided and the accommodation vs the costs of doing your own thing. What happens if you get punctures or have mechanical issues?

Posted by Linda
Holly, MICHIGAN, United States
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Has anyone used Sail Croatia for a biking tour?