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Best places in Croatia for someone with COPD (breathing issues)

I am getting ready to leave for Croatia/Slovenia trip with a friend who has COPD. Her breathing has recently worsened so we are looking for the best experiences/places to stay with the fewest inclines and stairs. The more I read the more difficult that seems to be. We will be taking the ferry from Ancona to Split, have a car and will have 17 days until we leave to drive to Venice. We prefer smaller towns but would like to visit Dubrovnik. We are open to pretty much anything. We usually travel without many advance reservations but given her medical condition I think I need to reserve a bit more. We would like to visit at least a couple of the islands. I spent a few days in Istria previously and would return there. Spending a minimum of two nights in a place is usually most comfortable for us and 4-5 nights in a nice place would not be out of the question given her health problems. I can always wander on my own.

Any help is very much appreciated.

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My thought is that not reserving in advance could still be workable, if it allows you to drive right up to a place, therefore confirming firsthand how accessible it is before agreeing to take the room. In Dubrovnik, Rick's book indicates that hotels with elevators are mostly outside the city center, except for the expensive Hilton.

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I spent 4 days in Pula. The humidity was a big trigger for my asthma so I needed to spend quite a bit of time indoors.