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Best European city to fly into then on to Split

Hi All,
Looking to see what European city offers most connections to Split...flying in from LAX or SF in Mid rates from states then Split. I've heard flying into Ireland then Split?
Thanks in advance!

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Just go to Expedia, Kayak, etc and enter in originating at LAX or SFO and then the airport for Split You will then be able to see which connection has the best fares. I do not worry about the connection city, I just sort for the lowest fares. I will then check the connection times and will usually not take any flight with less than a 2 hour connection.

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There are numerous low cost options, such as EasyJet from London Gatwick, which can be had for around £50 pp return with no check in bag in mid May. Obviously booking a standalone flight from London would not be protected if your incoming flight was delayed.

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Do what Bob says. That is what I do all the time.

Two months ago I went on to Kayak and did what Bob told you to do. I found multiple flights from San Francisco to Dubrovnik through Frankfurt/ Munich / or Istanbul! take your pick!!!! I found multiple flights for under $1,000, with 2 layovers. Unfortunately prices may have risen since then. Good Luck! See see in Split in Mid May!!!

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If you are looking to get right to Split, I agree that you should just look at Kayak, from LAX or SFO to SPU. Just beware of "Franken-tickets" - flights cobbled together on separate tickets, where you are not protected in case of a missed connection.

If you're looking to stop off in another city before flying on to Split, you may want to know which airlines fly there from which cities in Europe. The Wikipedia page for the airport should be of interest in that case:

Note that when a flight is listed as "seasonal," the season can be long or short, and that flights not only need not be daily, but can be as infrequent as once a week. To find actual flight schedules and prices for flights within Europe, use Skyscanner:

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We flew from SEA to CDG to Vienna to Split. Not the most convenient but I didn't find many options.

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We were expecting to fly in or out of Split, but ended up with neither. We're flying into Podgoricu in Montenegro (from Athens) for our tour up the Croatian coast and flying out of Zadar (north of Splt) to Dublin on Ryanair.

On a side note, instead of flying direct from Canada to Athens to start my holiday we're actually flying itno Edinbrugh for a day, touring the city, then flying to Athens the next day. It was overall cheaper to do it this way and the flight times are WAY better for us.

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Ohh, and all our flights around Europe on European airlines are all non-stop. Bonus.

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In recent years when I have wanted to go places in Central/ Eastern Europe or even more remote places in western Europe, that if I put in my home airport (Boston) and then say Split, or Santorini, or Ljubljana, or Biarritz for example I get very expensive flights with at least two connections all in taking considerably more time than the actual flights. But I can fly non stop to London (or Paris, or several other major hubs) for half the price and a fraction of the time - and then book - on a separate ticket - an Easyjet or ryanair ticket, non stop to my actual destination for very little. Total savings in money is huge as is savings in 'wasted' time sitting around airports. The down side to this is that I don't feel comfortable booking the second flight on the same day as the first flight so I add in one or two overnights in London (or where ever). I really enjoy short stays in London or Paris or other favorite cities. But clearly is your total vacation time is limited this eats into it. And of course you have to figure in the (relatively small) amount of time and money to get to/from the London or Paris or wherever airport.

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I flew into Dubrovnik but I had to transfer in Paris. Avoid that at all costs as the Croatian Airlines is on the other end of the airport and you have to take a shuttle. I got there with 5 minutes to spar to get on my flight.