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Belgrade and Dubrovnik

I am planning a quick trip to Dubrovnik by way of Belgrade.

I will arrive in Belgrade on the 22nd of September at noon. I need to be in the airport at noon on the 24th.

Any Suggestions?

I arrive in Dubrovnik on the 24th of September at 3pm and I have to be at the airport at 2pm on the 26th of September.

Any Suggestions?


Based on some advise from an "experienced traveler" now I am thinking about flying into Dubrovnik from the states:
Day 1 arrive from the states
2 See Dubrovnik (suggestions for the best part of a day?)
2 Overland to Kotor, Budva and ending in Podgorica.
3 Fly early moring Podgorica to Belgrade and spend a day poking around Belgrade. Suggestions?
4 Early morning flight to Budapest.


Okay, version three

1 Depart US
2 Arrive Dubrovnik
3 In Dubrovnik
4 Morning: Dubrovnik to Perast by private transfer. Nice hotel, bay view, relax, maybe go to the island, etc.
5 Morning: Sight seeing in Kotor then drive on to Budva.

Late Afternoon: Drive Budva to Podgorica (actually for this day I hire a guide with a car)
6 Morning Flight Podgorica to Belgrade
7 Morning Flight Belgrade to Budapest
8 Budapest
9 Budapest
10 Budapest to Pecs by train
11 Pecs to Budapest by train
12 Budapest
13 Budapest
14 Budapest
15 Budapest
16 Budapest
17 Budapest
18 Budapest

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I like your revised plan ... But I would suggest that instead of staying in Dubrovnik , you stay in the little village of Cavtat. The Dubrovnik airport is located just outside of Cavtat (about 20 minutes south of Dubrovnik). So you land, travel weary, and within a few minutes can be strolling along the harbor, stopping for a quick drink or bite to eat.

Cavtat is very picturesque and charming. Once you've relaxed a bit, you can take a bus or boat into Dubrovnik for a few hours. Walk the walls and wander old town for a bit, then return to peaceful Cavtat and drink wine by the harbor as you watch the yachts dock. I'd suggest 2 nights here if you can. Google Cavtat or look at Trip Advisor. Try to find a place to stay at harbor level unless you don't mind climbing hills/steps -- I'd suggest Villa Andros. (Lots of steps in Dubrovnik too.)

How are you getting to Podgorica? That would be a long day on a bus. Will you rent a car, or get a driver? Coastal Montenegro is gorgeous and worth the trip.

I haven't been to Belgrade so can't comment. We love Croatia though, so I'm glad you're getting a taste of it.