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Bead Shops in Dubrovnik?

This is a long shot but does anyone know of bead shops in or near Dubrovnik? When I travel I try to find at least a few beads that I can make into some special pieces of jewelry when I get home from the trip. I searched online but couldn't find anything. Thanks!

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I doubt you'll find actual bead shops in Old Town. While there are no end of bead stores (selling finished pieces) you would need to 'make friends' with one of the bead makers to see if s/he would be willing to sell you the components.

I did spot a "craft" store on our walk home the final day - Be°Craft. If you are east of Old Town (on Petra Krešimira) you can stop in and see what they have (or suggest). Their website is

It appears to be mostly glass and ceramic crafts but they might be able to provide information.