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Bad rental car experience with Mack agency

Mack has been recommended as a good source for a rental car but our recent experience was anything but pleasant. We opted for the full insurance package, but were informed that a $1000 charge would be blocked on our credit card until we returned the car. We were also informed that any damage needed to be accompanied by a police report in order for the insurance to kick in and cover the cost of repair. The next day we tried to turn in the car early (three days early in fact) and were told that we could do so, but still had to pay the full rate for all four days.

Mack's website mentions nothing of this policy, and in fact implies that early returns are acceptable. Given their ancient business practices and lack of cooperation on helping with simple travel arrangements such as we encountered, I'd highly recommend against Mack and encourage drivers to stick to major companies like Hertz.

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Even with the major companies like Hertz, they find a way to screw you. We had a recent disaster with them, in fact. I think we'll stick with trains and public transport in Europe.

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The policies you describe with Mack all sound to me like standard practice in the car rental industry. Have you experienced differently with Hertz? I don't know about 4 days, but a common offer is that the same rate applies whether you rent for 1, 2, or 3 days and again for 5, 6, or 7 days; obviously benefiting the people who need the longer rental and not helping those who turn in early.

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re, unfortunately it is not what's on the website but what the actual contract says that determines the ground rules. I think that pleasant and car rental are quite possibly mutually exclusive.