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Atlas Airport Shuttle from Cable Car bus stop to Dubrovnik Airport

Love to hear from someone who has taken the Atlas Shuttle bus from the cable car bus station to the dubrovnik airport. I have a 9:50 am flight on Luftansa to Munich and will be staying at Villa Ragusa near the Buza Gate. Web site says it taked 1/2 hour to the airport. Looking at todays weekday schedule it seems I can take the 4:55 or 7:15 am shuttle bus to the airport. Any idea how early I should show up before my flight? Love to take the 7:15 am bus for the 9:50 am flight but it may be cutting it close. Maybe waking uyp earlier and catching breakfast at teh airport would be the safer way to go.
any comments appreciated.

Liam O'Flaherty
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I believe those buses are scheduled according to flight departure times so that, for a international departure, there would be a bus set on your travel day which would get you to the airport 2 hours before your flight...which would seem to be that 7:15am bus.

That's not a huge airport but boy was their security slow when we were there a couple of years back. Security at the normal area and then more-than-the-usual second route of security at the gate itself. The line was absolutely enormous at the second security stop and they were making you take everything was kind of amusing to watch, once we were through it.

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The 7:15 should get you there in plenty of time. A few years ago we were waiting for the bus and person with a van stopped to offer a ride for a little less then the bus. I guess an Uber before his time! Anyway, we, 7 adults, hopped in and got to the airport on time. My husband was gabbing with him in Croatian and it seems they do this to make a little extra money. They check the bus schedule and drive by about 10 minutes before. We took the ride more because DH didn't want to wait any longer, it was very, very hot, not to save the few Kuna. So if someone stops to talk and doesn't speak English, he is probably asking you if you want a ride.

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we used the shuttle last August and would believe the 7:15 would work for you.

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Thanks Everyone,
Its nice to hear from people who have been there. Looks like the 7:15 am shuttle will be for me but I will double check the schedule a day ahead to be sure. Can't wait!