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Are ticks prevalent in Plitvice National Park

My husband and I are going to Plitvice National Park. I was reading about ticks being found in Spring and summer time . Has anybody here come across ticks while visiting Plitivce ? Is there at any point we need to be going through a grassy area or is it all the way well marked wooden trails ? I am pregnant and just being a little cautious .

Posted by acraven
Washington DC
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I don't remember walking through vegetation, just on boardwalks and rocky or packed earth. Obviously, all bets are off if you go off-trail.

I realize that this is important, so I hope you get some other responses.

Posted by Emily
Vienna, Austria
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I’d be more worried about slipping and falling on wet wooden pathways. If you are quite pregnant, you might want to reconsider this visit.

Posted by Tim
Wyckoff, NJ, USA
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I agree that it is entirely possible to visit Plitvice for a day and never walk through a field of grass or weeds. Many of the most scenic walks (in high season) are continuous slow-moving lines of tourists. (Not slamming the place, the views are great.) It is true that some of the paths are steep, or have lots of wooden stairs. Some paths are also stony hillside paths where you have to watch for embedded rocks. One reason for mentioning the long files of people is that it is difficult to turn back if you decide you've had enough or must go to the bathroom.

We were in our late 50's, but are pretty fit. So we never thought we'd turn back, I only mention that because a tiny number of visibly elderly people did, and the OP mentioned pregnancy. This was not rock climbing or boulder scrambling, it is scenic hilly terrain, mostly boardwalks.

The same park also has vast amounts of flatter terrain that can be selected, big snack bars, and easy to board boat rides on larger lakes. Some of the lovely rock formations can easily be viewed without walking up a hill to see them. I would not cancel this plan. You can always simplify your visit.

Posted by Anu OP
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Thank you acraven,Emily and Tim. Yes I was seeing some photos of the lines of people walking on the wooden trails and was reading that there might be some waiting time to get on the boats ,but looks like we cant avoid it since this is the only time we can travel . I was reading about the different trails and was thinking of doing Trail A in the evening and Trail E in the early morning , hopefully we can beat some of the crowd by going at these times. Upon reading this looked like something more doable for me .

Posted by Jennifer
Tunbridge Wells
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If you want fewer crowds, had you considered Krka rather than Plitvice?

Posted by Anu OP
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We did look up Krka as well. We liked Plitvice better.

Posted by Don
Rhode Island, USA
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We have been to Plitvice twice and have not encountered any ticks, but as mentioned we did not use trails with much, if any, vegetation. The first time we were there was in 2013 near the end of June on a weekday. We started at 9:00am and hardly noticed any crowds. The second time was in 2016 during the second week of September and starting at 9:00am on a Saturday it was considerably more crowded going through the big waterfall area and beyond to our exit at entrance 1. Both times we were there we stayed in the park and started at entrance 2.

Posted by lisa
akron, ohio
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As Don mentioned, if you go early you will certainly run into far less crowds. I've been twice and both times went early in the morning when the park opens. As we were coming off the trails we saw all the crowds and were glad we had beat them. Unless you are very far along in your pregnancy and in decently good shape you should have no problem. Go and enjoy, it is beautiful.