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Are there places we can make a quick pit stop on route from Zagreb to Plitvice

My husband and I are driving from Zagreb to Plitvice, through Slunj. We would need to make at least one pit stop to use a restroom before we get to Plitvice . Are there any petrol pumps with public restrooms on route? Else an option would be to grab a quick bite from Slunj /somewhere and hopefully use the restrooms there , but most of the restaurants reviews at Slunj werent too interesting ,so just hesitant. Thoughts anyone .

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From Zagreb to PL, there is either the big highway or the rural road. On the big highway, there are nice rest stops at every turnoff. All have bathrooms. Most have food as well.

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Paul - we are going through the rural roads .
If anybody is interested , somebody else shared with me this map , and I think its very useful. (cog in top right, change language to English, then menu on the left, choose to display gas stations).