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Got my answer - thanks!!! Are Euros accepted in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina?

We're going to be on the 14-day Best of the Adriatic tour this summer. While looking at restaurants for those days we are on our own, I noticed some of the menus in Croatia and Bosnia list currencies other than euros. And some are "cash only." So, does this mean I need to get some cash in their currencies? Ugh!

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Croatia adopted the Euro last year; if you see a price in another currency on an online menu it is probably out of date. You will need some Euros which you can get from an ATM.

Bosnia has their own currency; the tour is only there one night so you may not need any local currency.

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The Euro is now the currency of Croatia, since last year. Bosnia has its own currency called the "convertible mark." While many merchants also will accept euros (or credit cards), it is a good idea to get at least a bit of Bosnian money, especially since their rate for accepting euros may not be a good one.

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Croatia adopted the euro Jan 1, 2023.
You likely won't need any cash for the short time in Bosnia.

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We were on that tour last October. You’ll have a great time. You only spend one night in Bosnia and it’s a group dinner. I bought one pair of earrings and used Euros. I wouldn’t bother getting any other currency.