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Appropriate Dress for Women in Croatia and Bosnia

My husband and I are taking a 2 week trip to Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia. Because we want to pack light, I am wondering what clothing I should plan on taking, both in terms of local custom and in terms of being weather appropriate. I generally rely on capri pants and T-shirts, with sandals and a pair of good walking shoes.

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That wardrobe has worked fine for me around most of Europe and in Turkey and Morocco, though I have not been to Bosnia. In Muslim areas, some sleeve is better than no sleeve, and capris much better than shorts, to avoid unwanted attention. If visiting a mosque, women normally must cover their hair with a scarf, but Rick's Croatia/Slovenia book indicates that it's not necessary in Mostar's Koski Mehmet-Pasha Mosque, visited by many tourists. A scarf in reserve is always a handy item, however, for a variety of uses.

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You might enjoy this website: Although, Bosnia and Croatia are not in her list, she has a lot of nice ideas. I have no connection to this site. I just enjoy reading her newsletters, etc…so I think I can post this. Wray

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We just returned from a trip through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro.

Capris and short sleeve shirts were fine. I don't wear spaghetti straps or revealing tops - those might be a bit revealing for Mostar.

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Thank you, everyone! Very helpful!