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anyone with tips for a drive along Kvarner Gulf?

Hi all. After a couple of days in Istria (Piran, Rovinj, Pula) we are heading towards the Plitvice Lakes by car. This means driving along the Kvarner Gulf, where we want to make a stop for one night. Do you know of nice/interesting/gorgeous places to visit or look around? Which one would be nice to spend the night? (we are five adults ages 25 to 64... sort of a family reunion :) ). Thanks!

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The drive doesn't really take you along the gulf. The trip should take you a little less than 3 hours anyway - it is really worth stopping? I cannot think of any place on the route that rivals the towns of Istria. Personally, I would just stay in Istria another day.

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Thank you Emily! I think we should take your advice but instead of staying another day in Istria (we are already staying two nights there) we could go one day earlier to Plitvice Lakes (where we are staying two nights) and then make a stop in Zagreb the following night. I know one night is not nearly enough of Zagreb but in any case it is better than staying one night somewhere in the Gulf (the thing is that we have to be in Ljubljana the following day to take planes back home, that's why we were stopping somewhere before the Lakes).

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We agree. It only takes about 3.5 hours drive from Pula to Plitvice. If you wanted to go down the coast anyway, you would add an extra half hour by way of the coastal town of Senj. use to figure out driving times and routes.