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Any visa issues at border control while driving from Split to Dubrovnik

I am planning a trip to Croatia in August clubbed with my trip to Greece. I wanted to do a road trip in Croatia , but I noticed that the drive from Split to Dubrovnik has to be taken through Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am an Indian citizen and I am having a Schengen visa and planning to do my trip in Croatia with it . I am wondering if there will be any visa issue for me at Border control since we need to go through Bosnia and Herzegovina. Has anybody here encountered any issue ? Another option for me would be to take a flight from Split to Dubrovnik , but then I would miss out on the scenic drive I was reading about online.

Any insight would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Andrew H.
Portland, Oregon
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You can also take a ferry driving south from Ploče to Trpanj and drive down the Peljesac peninsula to Dubrovnik, avoiding Bosnia. You could visit the island of Korcula too as it's nearby if you want to stop for a few nights.

Posted by Anu OP
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Yes , but I noticed that the ferry takes a much longer time , so yes need to find out exactly if it would really be a problem or not.

Posted by DeborahInSeattle
Seattle area
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Our family has been traveling in Croatia with a rental car and we made a stop in Mostar, Bosnia for a couple of nights. We had no issues with our US passports at the border. It was important for us to have the right paperwork for our rental car. Make sure your rental car company knows you plan to cross the border and they will make sure you have what you need. We used Dollar and were very happy with them. If you have time, consider a stop in Mostar - it was wonderful. Happy travels!

Posted by Laurel
Lincoln City, OR
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It would be best to contact the Bosnia and Herzegovina Embassy to India and see if there is an issue. No one here will have an official answer.

Posted by Anu OP
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Yes I did contact the Bosnia and Herzegovina embassy, its ok to get into using a Schengen multiple entry visa.

Posted by Jennifer
Tunbridge Wells
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Note that in peak season i.e. August, there can be a long queue at the border taking several hours to get through.